Samad Tours is a Lebanese family business founded in 1979 in Tripoli – Lebanon. Known for our efficiency, quality and flexibility, our company has acquired an excellent positioning and a good market share through the quality of the products and services it provides to its customers.

Through years of experience and credibility, we became able to develop a wide range of connections in Lebanon and the whole world. Our staff is not only well equipped and trained to guarantee Samad Tours guests’ satisfaction and peace of mind, but they will also make sure to provide them with more than that, because we believe that “It’s not the duty that makes the difference, the real difference is above the duty.”

Our objective is to offer the best services, most exciting yet affordable packages that meet our customers’ needs, both individual and corporate clients, and keep them delighted and satisfied. For that purpose, our team constantly works on improving the quality of our services and widening the choice of products through innovative research and management. We recognize the satisfaction of our client is essential to our company’s success, therefore we make sure to deliver the best at all times.

Our newly expanded services have positioned us on top of the consolidation business throughout Lebanon since 2021, having excellent relationships with top airlines, we are able to offer the highest commissions and deals for our partner agencies.

Our Commitment:
Our customers will always find a faithful friend in us. This relationship will be handled on mutual support, trust and cooperation. Our suppliers will be assured through continuous dialogue that we have strict adherence to the agreed terms and conditions. Our guests will be provided with such a trouble free and enjoyable holiday that they will become friends with our suppliers and luckily us.

Our Team:
An experienced, young, motivated travel specialist! We make sure to always provide our customers with the newest, wildest, most exciting ideas and stimulating packages. Our travel specialists are always there to offer the best-personalized services to fulfill your needs and expectations.

We are a diverse group of creative, self-motivated individuals with a passion for making travel easier, more affordable and more rewarding for our customers, with plenty of exciting twists, turns and opportunities along the way.

Our Mission:
We aim to perform and deliver excellent quality service to our clients. Providing them with unforgettable travel, enjoyable adventures, and guaranteed services that exceed their expectations. The satisfaction of our customers and extraordinary service is the main aim, saving their time and money while providing the best value for their trip.

We intend to inspire people to go further and share more while encouraging them to reach higher, to broaden their lives and the lives of others, and to seek experiences worth sharing. 

Our Vision:
We’ve always been pioneers, with a vision to shape the future of travel through cutting edge technology, to make it easier for everyone to enjoy amazing experiences wherever they go. We aim to integrate travel agencies to the next level in order to achieve the market share and target wider audience.

We also offer user-friendly systems to make it stress-free. Providing remarkable customer service is what we believe will make us unique in meeting the market’s changing requirements and keeping our customers loyal and satisfied.

Our Value:
Our core values guide us in making travel simple and fun for all. These values can be seen in the projects that we undertake, and the way in which we solve problems for our customers. They are a representation of our being and our doing.